Refer-A-Friend Program

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How does it work?
For every friend who gets installed with Chesnee High-Speed Internet, TV or Medical alert as a result of your referral, you will get a $25 credit on your bill. The referred “friend” will also receive a $25 credit.  The Refer-A-Friend promotion is not combinable with any other offer or promotion.

Who's eligible?
If you're a residential or business customer of Chesnee Communications, Inc., you can participate in Refer-a-Friend. Chesnee Communications employees are not eligible to participate. Referrals of former Chesnee Communications customers who have been disconnected for delinquency or violation of policies will not be accepted.

What constitutes an eligible referral?
Please review carefully:You can refer anyone who lives in the Chesnee Communications service area. Credits will only be given for NEW Chesnee Communications customers that were installed as a direct result of your referral. Any referral that was not received at the time of customer registration is NOT eligible for a credit.

Do I need to be a Chesnee Communications customer to receive credit for making a referral?
Yes. Only current Chesnee Communications customers can refer a friend to our service. The incentive to refer a friend is available in the form of a Chesnee Communications bill credit only. It cannot be cashed out.

Am I limited to the number of referrals or credits I can have?
No. You can submit as many referrals as you like, and accumulate as many credits as you like. Credits are applied as soon as your referral is installed, so you can receive more than one credit in one billing period if that is applicable.

How and when do I get my credit?
Credits will be given on your Chesnee Communications bill within the next billing cycle after your friend gets their new service installed. Keep in mind, agreeing to take the service does not equate to actually being installed. The actual installation of your friend's service will trigger the credit on your bill. Also, depending on the date when your referral was installed, compared to the date that your bill closes for the month, you may not see your credit until the following statement.

What happens in the event of conflicts or disputes?
In the event that multiple customers refer the same person or family, the first name provided by the referred customer will receive the credit. If two different people who live in the same household are referred by different people, the first referral submitted will always take precedent. If needed, Chesnee Communications will be the final arbitrator in any dispute.

Can I refer myself or my business? 
No. Self-referrals are not allowed. You cannot receive a credit for “referring” a business that has one or more of the same key account contacts as your residential account.

Will I receive multiple credits if my friend signs up for multiple services?
No. The referral credit is given per referred customer, not per service. By the same token, the referred friend will receive one $25 credit regardless of the number of services that are taken.

By virtue of participating in the Chesnee Communications Refer-a-Friend program, you agree to the following rules and restrictions.  At any time and without notice, Chesnee Communications reserves the right to modify these rules, to suspend participation from any customer whose actions are deemed to be abusive, to change the offer, or to cancel this program completely. Other restrictions may apply.