Watch TV from more than just your TV by streaming your favorite programming to your tablet, smartphone, laptop and other devices. Choose from thousands of hours of programming from participating networks and watch anywhere and everywhere!

All you need is a Comporium Cable subscription to start watching available programming in your service tier anywhere you can receive WiFi Internet or a data signal—your backyard, the office, shopping areas, hotels, etc. The best part about WatchTVEverywhere? It’s FREE!

  • Live stream sports and news
  • Catch up on previously-aired episodes
  • Binge watch your favorite shows
  • Content available wherever you have a connection to the Internet or sufficient cellular data
  • It’s FREE to TV subscribers!


What is watchTVeverywhere?

WatchTVeverywhere allows Comporium TV customers to view TV programs on devices other than a TV. This includes your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It is FREE!

As long as you receive the TV Network in your "regular" cable channel lineup, you may view that network's watchTVeverywhere content, if available.

What shows can I watch?
Each TV Network makes their own decision about what to offer on watchTVeverywhere. For example, the live feed of CNN is available, but the live feed of TBS is not. Instead, TBS offers full episodes of their popular programs. CBS does not participate at all.
How do I sign up for watchTVeverywhere?
To use watchTVeverywhere, you must first complete a one-time registration. To get started, visit, select Comporium Communications from the drop-down menu. Make sure you have your last Comporium Cable invoice handy — you'll need your account number, and the correct spelling of the last name on the account. Click "register" to start the registration process.
Does watchTVeverywhere count against my mobile data plan?
It might. Check your data plan before you use WatchTVEverywhere on your smartphone or wireless network. Streaming requires a lot of data. This can be expensive if you have a limited data plan and are outside of a WiFi signal.