Chesnee Medical Alert System

Medical Alert System Monitoring

  • Help at the push of a button

  • Perfect for those who live alone

  • Two-way voice communication

  • No contract

  • No up-front costs

  • Equipment options available

  • Discounts available for Internet customers

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Nurse Call

The 24-hour Nurse Helpline puts you in contact with a registered nurse when you need it, as often as you need it.

Add Nurse Call for an additional $10/mo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a response after I press the button for help?
On average it takes about thirty seconds.

What is my total monthly cost?
Your total monthly cost will depend on your selections. The standard monitoring is only $24.95 per month. If you subscribe to broadband service, you will only pay $14.95. For Nurse Call, simply add $10 per month. There are no hidden fees associated with our Medical Alert System.

Is a landline phone required?
Yes, a landline phone is required for a Medical Alert System.

What is the range of the equipment?
If you are within approximately 150 feet of your house, the system will still work. Our emergency specialists will not be able to speak with you because you will be out of “voice” range, but we will know that you are in trouble and will dispatch emergency rescue to your home immediately.

How far away from the system can I be and still be heard?
The system is designed to allow communication from every room in an average home. Our emergency specialists can usually speak with you regardless of what room in the house you are in. However, in an emergency where you are unable to speak with us because of a heart attack, choking, stroke, etc. we will immediately dispatch Emergency Medical Teams to your house.

Can I shower or bathe with the pendant or bracelet on?
Yes. The pendants and bracelets are water-resistant and can be worn while bathing or showering. However, they are not water-proof and it is not recommended that they be submersed in water.

Is Fall Detection included?
No, Fall Detection is not included with the basic system. You will need to purchase the special Fall Detection pendant for $50 and pay an additional $5 per month in monitoring fees.

Is Nurse Call included?
No, Nurse Call is not included with the basic system. No additional equipment is required. An additional fee of $10 per month is required.

What are the benefits of adding nurse call?
Whether it's 2 a.m. or 2 p.m., Monday night or Sunday afternoon, with Nurse Call you can speak to a certified RN anytime. The nurse can begin assessing your medical situation immediately. You will always reach a "live person", no voicemail or busy signals 24/7, 365 days per year. You can use the Nurse Call function as often as you need it. In many cases symptoms appear 3 to 5 days before an emergency occurrence. This service is intended to help prevent an emergency from ever happening.

If I move, can I take my Medical Alert system with me?
Before your move, it is vital that you call Chesnee Communications to notify of the move in order to update your records with the correct 911 physical address. This is critical to ensuring that emergency personnel are dispatched correctly.

Is this device mine to keep, or am I required to return it when I’m finished with it?
The standard Medical Alert system will remain property of Chesnee Communications. You will be required to return the device if you cancel your service. If you choose to add a Fall Detection pendant to your system, you will purchase that pendant upfront ($50) and it is yours to keep.

Does someone install this for me or do I install it myself?
The Medical Alert system is generally installed by the customer. It is a simple process and we provide step-by-step instructions. If you prefer to have a Chesnee Communications technician install the system for you, the cost is $99.

How do I cancel my service?
Chesnee Communications requires no contract for the Medical Alert system. To cancel your service, simply call us at 1-864-461-2211 or visit our customer service location. You must return your medical alert system and pendants/bracelets when you cancel your service.

What happens if something goes wrong with the equipment?
It is recommended that you test your equipment weekly to ensure the connection is properly working. Please call Chesnee Communications at 1-864-461-2211 if you experience any issues with your equipment.

How do I test my Chesnee Medical Alert Service?
To test your system, simply press your emergency button and wait for an Emergency Specialist to speak to you through the system. Advise the specialist that you are testing your service and that there is no emergency. If you are able to communicate with the Emergency Specialist, your panel is working properly. If not, please call Chesnee Communications at 1-864-461-2211.