SkyBest TV NOW

Stream Local TV Networks Live for Less with SkyBest TV NOW.
$25/mo. No contract required.

With SkyBest TV NOW, get LIVE, local networks plus hundreds of video, music and gaming options over your Chesnee Internet and Roku or Amazon Fire TV device! No fiber required.

All this for just $25/mo.
  • 21 channels, including local CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and CW networks, SkyZhone HD and more!
  • Available on your own Roku or Amazon Fire TV. You can buy a Roku from Chesnee Communications for only $49!
  • Roku and Amazon Fire TV offers quick access to your Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video and Hulu Plus subscriptions plus over 1,000s of specialty Roku and Amazon Fire TV channels!

SkyBest TV NOW Channel Line-Up

*Some restrictions apply. SkyBest TV NOW service is available to Chesnee Communications High-Speed Internet customers only. Service requires a Roku or Amazon Fire TV device, High-Speed Internet connection minimum of 12 Mbps and a wired or wireless router. Taxes and fees not included. Broadcast TV Fee ($7) will be applied monthly. Channel line-up subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pull up a guide menu on SkyBest TV Now?
Using a Roku: While watching SkyBest TV Now, the guide is accessed by pressing the left arrow key on the remote. The 'Now Playing' information will be displayed. By pressing the up/down arrows, the information on other channels will be displayed. To see the entire guide, press the 'Back' button on the remote and choose the guide option.

Using Amazon Fire TV: From Home Screen, use the remote to highlight and expand the SkyBest TV NOW icon and press the center of the remote. This action will open your on-screen Program Guide.

Why am I required to have 12 Mbps Internet service for SkyBest TV Now?
SkyBest TV Now is a streaming video service which requires a strong Internet connection to avoid buffering. An 12 Mbps connection is the lowest speed that we can recommend for reliable streaming. We recommend higher speeds if you have a multiple Internet devices working in your home simultaneously.

Can I take my Roku or Amazon Fire TV to my home in Florida and still watch SkyBest TV Now?
No, SkyBest TV Now will only play over a Chesnee Internet connection.

Can I play SkyBest TV Now over more than one Roku or Amazon Fire TV device in my home?
Yes. You can register up to 3 SkyBest TV NOW streams on your account. The second and third stream have a discounted monthly rate of only $5.

What is the time-out feature on SkyBest TV Now?
Similar to Netflix and other streaming services, SkyBest TV Now has a time-out feature. After 10 hours of continuous streaming, you will receive a pop-up message asking if you are still watching SkyBest TV Now. If so, you simply choose “yes” to continue watching.

I currently have more Roku/Amazon Fire TV devices than I have SkyBest TV Now stream subscriptions. Can I still watch SkyBest TV Now on all of those devices?
The subscribed number of SkyBest TV Now streams are the maximum that can be viewed at one time. When moving from devices, exit the SkyBest TV Now application by using the "back" button to reach the home menu. This will release the stream and it will be available for the next device.

How can I view program information while watching SkyBest TV Now?
Press the OK button to see information about the current episode you are viewing.

Does SkyBest TV Now support Closed Captioning?
Closed Captioning can be enabled on the Roku device by pressing the "*" button on the remote. Closed Captioning can be enabled on the Amazon Fire TV device by pressing the center select button. The programming information will be displayed, along with a "CC" icon on the bottom left of the screen. Press the down arrow to highlight the "CC" and then press the center select button. The same procedure is used to cancel Closed Captioning. Not all programming supports Closed Captioning.

What devices are compatible with SkyBest TV NOW?
- Express 3900X
- Premier 3920X
- Streaming Stick 3810X
- Ultra 4640X
- Roku 4 4400X

Amazon Fire TV:
- Stick Gen2
- Fire TV Gen3
- Stick 4K
- Fire Cube Gen2

Other devices may work, but are not guaranteed.